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Milivie was conceived in the summer of 2020, when founder, Jonathan Engler, and his friend, Florian Becker, were asked to restore an array of classic cars and young timers.

Drawn to its iconic shape they began to work on the VW Beetle and soon the possibility of a complete rebuild became clear. The more Jonathan and Florian worked on the Beetle the more convinced they became that it was the perfect opportunity to create a ‘people’s restomod’. And so Milivie GmbH was born. The company’s mission is to combine the philosophy of the VW Beetle, which holds a special place in automobile history, with contemporary design and technology to create a vehicle fit for the 2020s.

The backbone of the automotive design revolution of the 1950s and 60s was a reappraisal of driver, passenger, and customer desires. In order to accurately retain the Beetle’s spirit Milivie is taking a similar approach. Their reimagined classic features an interior that incorporates the latest advances in digital interfaces and comfort and an exterior that has been carefully designed to pay homage to VW’s iconic style throughout the decades. What’s underneath the bonnet is strongly influenced by the car’s original engineer: Porsche. Milivie is also maintaining the VW Beetle’s characteristic reliability, accessibility and worry-free service. These are integral to the brand and will be offered as a ground-breaking alternative ownership and service plan.

Milivie’s vision is not just one of beautifully designed, contemporary classic cars. It is creating a brand that will support efforts to keep our planet clean and green.

By crafting all components by hand, improving the aerodynamics, and introducing cutting edge drivetrain controls each car will save 20 tonnes of CO2 and a minimum of 830kg of non-biodegradable waste products compared to a new car. Milivie creates balanced, timeless, and contemporary interpretations of iconic hatchbacks, retaining the style that made them so beloved while ​ meticulously bringing the user interfaces to modern standards. Currently we are looking for contributors to kick-off the first of our eight models in predesign: The Beetle-inspired Stella.

Founder                    Jonathan Engler is the Founder of Milivie. He is a talented artist, an award-winning racing driver and has studied Motorsports Engineering and Vehicle Engineering with Design in Germany. Milivie combines his passion for motorsports and classic hatchbacks with his desire to create beautifully designed intuitive interfaces to meet modern consumer expectations.

Team              Milivie comprises a group of enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable people who bring contemporary components to the romance of classic motoring. Led by Jonathan, who has gathered years of know-how and exclusive insights to the restomod market, the team includes specialists in the fields of mechanical, electrical, audio, product development, 3D-prototyping, digital and layout engineering as well as business management and design. Milivie is also fortunate to have a number of global partners that add a wealth of expertise and experience to the company.



LayoutRear engined, rear wheel drive
EngineReengineered naturally aspirated air cooled flat four Type 1 engine 1776-2443ccm
TransmissionReengineered ZF 4HP-22HL 4-speed automatic 
Power output87-191 HP, 100-220 NM
Dry weight940kg 45F/55R
Acceleration 0-100km/h7-12 s
Top speed165-225 km/h


18” bespoke forged wheels
4130 double wishbone front suspension
4130 tubular trailing arms
German bushings and hardware
Startstop system
Electric power steering 
Rain and light sensors 
LED & OLED exterior lighting 
Carbon fibre body and interior panels 
Electric mirrors
Electric windows
Premium heat & noise deadening
Augmented interior in leather, alcantara & carpet
Infinitely variable LED ambient lighting 
Wireless charging pads
36-speaker 1.5.4 haptic 3D-Soundsystem 
Dual 12” infotainment system 
In house infotainment software ink. voice assist 
Reinterpreted 350mm Momo Super Gran Prix steering wheel with optional heating and touch controls 
Four bespoke Sparco SPX seats with optional heating
Rearview camera and parking sensors allround 
Remote controllable electric air conditioning & heating
Keyless entry
Active GPS
Personalised Milivie app


Street legal
FIA certified ultra-durable fabric bladder fuel cell 
Flush safety glass allround
Chromoly chassis stiffening and integrated roll cage 
Billet aluminium impact absorbers 
High performance braking system with 4 piston calipers 
Emergency service satchel

Instagram – @milivieltd
Inquiries – hello@milivie.com 
Investors – investors@milivie.com
Press – heather@thereputationpeople.com